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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The End is Just the Beginning

Today is the last day of the "official" Core I months of January and February, but that does not mean that training and learning on Core I will not continue.

So far I have made visits to D, WBL, MOR, COR, NCO, UC, HG, MTI, BC, SUG to conduct staff training in small groups and one-on-one on the Core I checklist. The staff at all locations found this to be very helpful and appreciated the opportunity to ask lots and lots of questions.

If I have not made it to your location yet, I will soon. I will be scheduling visits to other locations later this week.

As the month comes to an end I thought I would share some quotes for you to ponder:

Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked. ~Jeff Pesis

If it draws blood, it's hardware. ~Author Unknown

The most overlooked advantage to owning a computer is that if they foul up, there's no law against whacking them around a little. ~Eric Porterfield

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. ~Author Unknown

The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor. ~John Allen Paulos

I just wish my mouth had a backspace key. ~Author Unknown

Any comments or feedback that you would like to share on the past two months of Core Competencies training? Click the comments link below to post comments.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Troubleshooting Floppy Disks

In the February Core Competencies Report, we shared a tip from Howard M. about troubleshooting floppy disks. Did you know there is also a tip sheet for this topic?

Do you have any other tips to share for troubleshooting floppy disks? If so, click below on "Comments" to post a comment.

More Trivia Questions - ANSWERS BELOW

There are less than two weeks to go in the Core I trivia contest.

Here are some additional trivia questions. Please email the answers to me (lreed). Make sure you include your branch or location with your email. You can pick one question or answer all--depends on how much you want that pizza!
  • If my printer is not working should I call or email the Help Desk? (1 point)
If your printer is not working email the Help Desk. The Help Desk only has one phone line and it should be reserved for emergencies. If the Help Desk needs more information they will call you!

Points for this question went to: IMG-Sharon; MPK-Mary Lou; ML Admin-Julie; MOR-Debbie, Karen, William; MTI-Dawn; ST-Amy, Megan, Crae, Donna, Chris, Nancy.

  • Describe briefly how to clean a mouse? (3 points)
Turn the mouse over, rotate the plastic ring, remove and clean the ball, and most importantly clean the 3 rollers. You may have to scrape the rollers to clean them. A cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol works well. Lastly, reassemble the mouse.

Points for this question went to: CA-Kriss; IMG-Sharon; MPK-Mary Lou; ML Admin-Julie; MOR-Debbie, Karen, William; ST-Megan, Donna, Crae, Amy, Nancy, Chris

Here is a bonus question for 10 points!

  • We have had lots of discussions about CIPA. Find an article that contains a summary CIPA from one of the PLCMC Online Resources and email the article to me. (10 points)
There were a lot of articles about CIPA. Thanks to everyone who sent me one and earned 10 points for your location! CA-Kriss; IMG-Sharon; ML Admin-Julie; MPK-Virginia; MOR-Debbie, Karen, William; MTI-Dawn; ST-, Donna, Amy.