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Monday, January 30, 2006

2 Trivia Questions - ANSWERS BELOW

Here's another trivia question for you. How do you change the default printer on a public PC?

Since this is a hard one, here is a hint. You can only change the default printer from within IE (Internet Explorer) but what are the steps to do so?

From Internet Explorer, click File then Print. This opens up a list of printers with icons. Right-click on a printer and select Set as Default Printer. Thanks to John Dettelbach from the Help Desk for pointing out that this can also be done from WordPad and Notepad. The key is that you need to see the printer icons after you click File/Print. If you try this from Microsoft Word, you will notice that you get a drop down list of printers as opposed to icons for the printers.

Points for this question went to: MOR-Charles, Melanie, Karen, William; MPK-Jamie; NCO-Ian; ST-Matt, Donna, Amy; SUG-Jonita; WBL-Aislynn

Please email me your answer to lreed "at" plcmc "dot" org (do not post) and I will post the correct answer on Friday.

Here's another bonus trivia question. Why did I write my email address like that?
In a blog, message board, or any other public forum on the Internet it is a good idea to not post or publish your "real" email address. There are computers with programs that crawl the Internet looking for email addresses, i.e. anything formatted as word@place.com. To prevent these web crawlers from "seeing" your email address you can phonetically spell parts of it out, as I did above.

Points for this question went to: CA-Kriss; MOR-William, Melanie, Charles; NCO-Ian; ST-Amy, Matt, Donna; WBL-Aislynn

For more information on web crawlers take a look at these sites: